Different people have different concepts of this process and the following are just a few of the different names of the same service;

a)      Executive search and selection

b)      Staff Recruitment

c)       Recruitment Staff

d)      Recruitment of staff

e)      Executive search and selection

f)       Executive search & selection

g)      Headhunting

Maybe they are not names of the same service but different forms or levels of recruitment needs;

  • Staff recruitment mainly being a process to fill junior job positions or vacancies
  • Executive search is a search for candidates for executive-level positions mainly general manager and above
  • Headhunting is a more targeted form of executive search where the need to target specific talent arises

Entities providing recruitment services are also referred to as;

a)      Executive search and selection agency, consultant, or vendor

b)      Staff Recruitment agency company or consultant

c)       Recruitment agency consultant company or firm

d)      Recruitment of staff process consultant

e)      Executive search and selection consultant firm or agency

f)       Executive search & selection consultant or agent

g)       Headhunting

To get the process right the employer must decide the exact need in terms of the level of position, unique skills and competencies needed, and the target industry.

The employer then decides the best process to meet that need and the best entity to meet that need.

Rodgers Tumuhairwe 24 April 2023
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