Building Honesty and Integrity in Recruitment

Executive Recruitment Process

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A little white lie never hurt anyone, right? Wrong. When it comes to recruitment, being honest and telling the truth is vital for all parties.

We’ve seen what happens when candidates add qualifications to their CVs that they don’t actually have. We’ve been asked to go against our values and compromise on employment laws. Being honest and having integrity matters throughout the whole recruitment process.

Our principles

We pride ourselves on building great relationships with all of our clients and candidates. Where possible, we like to visit a client at their premises to get a real feel for the company to help us match the right candidates. We also like to meet candidates (a coffee shop is our favorite location!) to get to know the real person and find out what they’re looking for in their career. We’re pretty good at asking all of the right questions, but equally, we rely on the person on the other side of the table to give us honest answers.

Honesty and clients

For clients, it’s important that we really understand what type of person you’re looking for and what skills and qualifications you expect your new employee to have. There needs to be a little compromise when it comes to searching for the right people. There is no such thing as the perfect candidate or the perfect job. Although, we like to think we can come pretty close to finding the perfect person. Our commitment is that we will always provide handpicked candidates. However, we won’t compromise on our values, and selecting candidates means finding the best person for the job – employment law and discrimination are something we take seriously.

Administrator 13 April 2023
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