Different forms of human resource outsourcing and outsourcing agencies

Human Resource Outsourcing can take two main forms namely;

Employer of Records (EOR) Service

Different clients and authors also refer to EOR as;

  •        EOR solution
  •        Employer of records service
  •        EOR service
  •         EOR business needs or service 

An entity providing this service is on the other hand called;

  1.   Employer of Records (EOR) Agency
  2.   EOR agency
  3.   EOR vendor
  4.   EOR service company
  5.   EOR employer organization
  6.   EOR employer agency
  7.   EOR solution provider
  8.   EOR Service vendor
  9.   EOR employment service vendor
  10.   EOR business provider company 

Professional Employer Organization (PEO)

Different Authors and clients also refer to PEO as;

  •   Professional employer services
  •   Simply PEO
  •   PEO professional service
  •   PEO in business
  •   PEO employment services 

On the other hand, providers of this service are referred to by different names including;

  1.         Professional employer
  2.         Employer organization
  3.         Professional employer services
  4.         PEO companies
  5.        Professional employer organization services
  6.        PEO professional
  7.        PEO services
  8.        PEO organizations
  9.        PEO professional employment organization
  10.        PEO employer organization
  11.        PEO professional employer organization
  12.        Professional Employer Organization PEO
  13.        Professional Employer Organization PEO

Rodgers Tumuhairwe 19 April 2023
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