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In today's ever-changing business environment, organizations are always looking for novel ways to improve operational effectiveness, save costs, and maintain their competitive edge. One strategic approach that is becoming more and more popular is Employee Leasing, a smart business model that enables organizations to shift their attention back to their core capabilities while delegating HR functions to professionals.

What is Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing is an agreement between a leasing organization and a business whereby employees are supplied on either a temporary or project-specific basis. While the workers hired through this arrangement are employed by the client or firm to work for their business, the employee leasing company is required to pay their salaries besides handling the employment-related administrative tasks upon agreement with the client. This enables the client company retain control over day-to-day operations and focus on other core business functions.

Why Employee Leasing?

Employee leasing is a popular option for business owners who need new workers for a set time frame and don’t want to worry about the HR administrative and regulatory tasks associated with hiring contract or temporary workers. Moreover, Employee Leasing provides a cost-effective solution, allowing client companies to tap into the expertise and economies of scale offered by the leasing organization.

Benefits of Employee Leasing

  1. Focus on Core Business: Companies can focus on the core business activities fostering innovation, improving productivity, and fostering a more agile response to market demands.
  2. Cost Effective: Through employee leasing, companies can save on cost of hiring. This results in streamlined HR operations and reduced overhead costs, freeing up financial resources for strategic initiatives.
  3. HR Expertise: Companies are able to maximize on the HR expertise from professionally trained HR experts that are well versed with the ever changing employment regulations in Kenya.
  4.  Scalability and Flexibility: Employee leasing enables companies to expand their workforce without having to focus on the hiring process as well as scale down depending on the demands of the business.
  5. Risk Mitigation:  Employee leasing helps the client company mitigate potential legal and financial risks associated with HR management of the workforce such as compliance with labor laws.

At Career Options Africa Group, we extend our employee leasing services beyond the borders of Kenya. Our comprehensive employee leasing solutions caters to the unique needs of businesses in various countries in Africa including Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo and South Sudan.

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Career Options Africa, Nelly Chelangat 6 February 2024
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