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Country: Hungary. 

We invite to work: women aged 18 to 50 years inclusive, with the additional agreement of the partner, also in the case of married couples and other family members. 


• Average living wage for those with no benefits - 260,904 Ft. 

• The average salary per hand for workers who have minor children - 330,885 Ft. 

• The average salary per hand for employees under the age of 25 - 331,873 Ft. 

• The employer pays money for worker on the personal bank card every month on the 15th - 18th. 

Work schedule: 

• permanent work (from Monday to Sunday) as an operator at production: - 5 working days + 2 rest days- a working shift of 8 hours. 

• 3 working days + 3 rest days - a working shift of 12 hours. 

• the shift schedule always depends on production needs. 

• breaks during work are included in working hours 

• duration of breaks:shift of 8 hours. - 30 min., shift 12 h. - 45 min. 


• Production of auto parts, distribution boxes, electric switch boxes, distributors. 

Manual assembly operator work, in clean production facilitiesrooms with air conditioning. 


• Education / qualificationsrequired for the position as a minimum: 8th grade ofsecondary school. 

Additional information: 

• The trial period is 3 months, according to the working schedule. 

• Labor relations, namely, the term of the employment contract is defined as a two-year contract. 

• Duration of work - full time. 

• During the medical examination, those who do not distinguish are weeded out colors, has high blood pressure or is unwell or unable to work standing. 

Type of employment: only official employment. A contract is signed with the employee.


Country: Hungary. 

Salary: 7,00 - 8,00 euros/ hour. 

Work schedule: 

• 11 - 12 hours schedule, with possible overtime; 

• in the case of a three-shift work schedule: 3/3 (3 working days/ 3 days off), 06:00 – 18:00, or 18:00 – 06:00; 

• The shift schedule always depends on the production; 

• 8 hours work schedule may also occur. 

Accommodation: free accommodation is provided. 


• Assembly of various batteries. 

• Active assistance in production line. 

• Assistance in warehouse operations. 


• Secondary School Graduation; 

• able to speak basic English to communicate with Company. 

Additional information: 

• оn working days, a hot meal is provided from the day of entry; 

• Medical & Insurance - provided; • сontract period – 12-24 months(it'srenewable in terms & Conditions), upon agreement. 

Type of employment: only official employment. A contract issigned with the employee  

Logistics Warehouse 

Activity: Need to collect orders through a scanner. The scanner receives the order, where the following is specified: name of the goods, shelf number, photo of the goods. You need to collect the goods in baskets and put them on an automatic line that goes along the sectors. 

We hire: Men, women, couples. From 18 to 45 years old. 

Salary: 900-1150EUR/month 7 days of training: 3 days of training with a trainer and 4 days with a group. Pay for the training period is different from the standard pay: the first two days are paid as a rate of 1060 forints/hour (2,80 euro/hour) from the 3rd to the 7th day the rate is 1300 HUF/hour (3,50 EUR/hour). 20 days per year, first vacation after 3 months of work. After getting health insurance, payment of 70% 

Working hours: 40 min (lunch 20 min and two breaks of 10 min), and Public transportation (30-50 min), travel pass(paid by employer, adds cost to salary). 20 days per year, first vacation after 3 months of work After getting health insurance, pay 70% 

Responsibilities: - Collect orders through scanner. - Quickly assemble merchandise into baskets. - Keeping an eye on the automatic line. - Put baskets of merchandise on the automatic line that runs along the sectors. 

Additional information: Speed of work and attentiveness are required to meet standards. 

Sectors in stock: - dry products + water (temperature +18-26 degrees); - vegetables, meat and fish in packaging (refrigerator from +2-8 degrees); - freezer (down to -20 degrees), only men work there; - bakery (+30). 

The main sector you will work in is the sector with large packaged goods. The heaviest goods are boxes with products, which can be 10-20 kg each. As well as water in a package of 6 pcs of 1.5 and 2 liters, sometimes you need to lift 1-2 packages of water. Milk in a package of 20 pieces of 1 liter. Type of employment: Only official employment. A contract is concluded with the employee

Philips Consumer Electronics Factory

We need: women, men. 

City: The work is located in the city of Jaszberény. 


- operator or assembly worker, depends of the position 

- assembly of home appliences, manucacture of the components. 

Work from Monday to Saturday: 2 shifts of 12 hours 

Payment: 4.5 eur/hour, 900-1100euro /month. Advance payment + salary. 


• in private houses is free 

• Living not far from work 

• assembly of home appliences, manucacture of the components. Food is not included Travel ticket is not provided by the employer. 

Type of Employment: Official employment.

Spare parts car factory 

Different locations through Hungary. 

We hire: women, men. 

Position: operator at production. 

Responsibilities: Sorting out parts, detecting defects. 

Working schedule: Work from Monday to Saturday. 2 shifts of 12 hours

 Salary: 3.52EUR/per hour 1000-1000EUR/month; advance payment + salary

Accommodation: Free housing in private houses. Living not far from work. Official employment.


Company Activity: work with concrete, tie rebar, assemble formwork. Work on the bridges, handyman for construction. 

Work Schedule: 12 hours. Saturday 6-8 hours of work. Sunday off. 

Salary: starting rate hour / 5.6 euros 

Accommodation: Free accommodation, free transportation to work, overalls and shoes are given. Official documents. 

Requirements: Knowledge of English is necessary . While ready to consider India and Bangladesh.  


Activity: meat processing and meat preservation. 

Location: Hungary, Mohacs, Adony, Szolnok. Salary: 600 -650 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work


Location: Budapest, Győr, Székesfehérvár, Eshtergom 

Salary: 550-600 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.  


Location: Budapest 

Salary: 600 -650 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.  


Location: Budapest, Kecskemet, Eshtergom. 

Salary: 650-700 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.  


Location: Budapest, Miskolc, Jaszfenyszaru, Komarom. 

Salary: 650-700 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.


Location: Budapest, Gyor, Kecskemet, Eger. 

Salary: 600-650 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.  


Location: Budapest, Abda, Mohacs, Dunaharaszti. 

Salary: 600-650 EUR. 

Employeг's conditions: 

• residence permit; 

• social insurance; 

• accommodation; 

• transport from and to the work.


Place of work: Nodred. 

Occupation: Packer. 

Gender and age restrictions: Women/men 18-55 years old. 


- the work consistsin observing the operation of the equipment that forms plastic products; 

- replenish the machine with the necessary material; 

- check productsfor defects,sort and processfinished products; 

- pack finished and high-quality products in appropriate containers, boxes, bags, etc.; 

- mark and identify the packaged products(depending on the type) in accordance with the accompanying documentation. 

Work schedule: 2 shifts: - from 06:00 to 18:00; - from 18:00 to 06:00. 

Salary: From HUF 300,000 (750-1000 EUR / month). An advance in the amount of 10,000 HUF weekly. 


- At the expense of the employer; 

- 2-3 people in a room; 

- Living in a worker's dormitory on the territory of the factory; 

- 5 minutes-walk from work.   


Location: Dyal (suburb of Budapest); 

Job type: Warehouse worker; 

Gender and age restrictions: Men aged 18-55. 

Salary: • 2000 forints per hour net; • From 370,000 forints per month; 

Working hours: 

• 1 shift from 22:00 - 06:00; 

• 5/2 or 6/1; 

• 8 working hours 

Accommodation: Accommodation provided by the employer in Budapest; 


• preparing goods for shipment according to the list; 

• placing goods on the appropriate shelves; 

• palletizing; 

• loading goods. 

Additional information: Work in a cold warehouse. The temperature at the enterprise is +7- +8 degrees.  


Activity: a company in the field of manufacturing components for car building. 

Workplace: city of Mor. 

Vacancy: Production operator. Various positions, with different job responsibilities. 


• 1870 forints per hour gross, additional percentages for shifts; 

• from 260,000-400,000 forints per month net; 

• bonuses for meeting the norm (0-21%) and for absence. Gender and age restrictions: men, women, couples aged 18 to 60. 

Working hours: 

• Two - three shifts of 8 hours each; 

• 06:00-14:00, 14:00-22:00, 22:00-06:00. 


• accommodation provided by the employer. 

• 2-3 people per room, 

• double rooms for couples. 


• work that does not require special qualifications; 

• physically light work; a work process that is easy to learn; 

• equipment setup, equipment management; 

• installation of spare parts for vehicles; 

• manual assembly; 

• management of the painting device; 

• management of the welding device.  


Activity: the company manufactures batteries for electric vehicles. 

Workplace: city of Ivancha. 

Gender and age restrictions: men, women aged 18-45. 

Salary: 380,000 - 600,000 forints/month. 

Working hours: 

• 2 shifts of 8-12 hours each; 

• Floating weekends; 

• 5 working days/week; 

• Overtime work is possible.


• Accommodation provided by the employer free of charge; 

• Accommodation in dormitories with 2-3 people per room; Responsibilities: 

• Operation of machines and lines; 

• Troubleshooting minor damages and malfunctions; 

• Documentation of internal production checks. 

Additional information: free lunch provided.  


Activity: The factory is involved in the production and sale of structural components for new energy sources powered by solar panels. They manufacture batteries for cars and other equipment. 

Workplace: city of Godello 

Gender and age restrictions: men aged 18-40 


• from 300,000 to 360,000 forints; 

• paid to the salary card by the 10th of each following month. 

Working hours: 

• two 12-hour shifts; 

• 07:00 - 19:00 and 19:00 - 07:00. 


• provided by the employer; 

• 3-4 people per room. 


• the work is not difficult, mainly sitting; 

• work involves sorting and quality checking for defects in small aluminum casings  

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