Knowledge Management & Communication Specialist à Goma

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

MIHR is seeking an experienced Knowledge Management and Communication (KMC) Specialist who is passionate about identifying, documenting, and sharing knowledge the project generates including its successes and impact as well as promising and good practices. In collaboration with MIHR’s KMC team at its headquarters, the KMC Specialist will work with the projects Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning (MERL) team as well as sector Leads/Advisors in the DRC, to document and present knowledge generated in the form of innovative formats appropriate for the project’s diverse stakeholders. Learning tasks of the KMC Specialist include initiating as well as organizing internal as well as external learning and experience-sharing opportunities, including with other projects (especially those of the MOMENTUM suite of Awards). Communication tasks of the KMC include ensuring MIHR complies with donor branding and supporting staff and other project stakeholders to take quality pictures and videos that showcase the project’s activities and its impact. Detail tasks of the KMC include:

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Support the Deputy CoP to collate inputs from the projects Technical Advisors, to prepare high-quality monthly, quarterly, and annual activity reports for the project in English and French
  • Prepare abridged versions of activity reports of the project, which can be shared with beneficiaries, the Ministry of Health, and other project stakeholders.
  • Provide technical support to ensure the project and its partners comply with USAID’s branding guidelines as well as the project’s branding and marking plan
  • Lead on the development of tools to present the project as well as its outcome and impact, through one-pagers, blogs, technical briefs, pull-up banners, research articles, etc, including those published on online platforms like social media outlets.
  • Identify and roll out innovative opportunities to identify, document, and share the project’s successes as well as promising and good practices.
  • Identify innovative and state-of-the-art ways for MIHR to share knowledge as well as its success stories as well as impact.
  • Identify and lead on the process of organizing internally as well as externally, experience as well as learning initiatives, including webinars and online workshops
  • With the support of MIHR’s KMC team at HQ as well as the MIHR DRC’s MERL team and Technical Advisors, support the transformation of the findings of assessments and surveys conducted by the project into concise reports that can be shared externally.
  • Train project staff as well as other project stakeholders like partner local NGOs, on USAID’s branding requirements as well as the project’s marking and branding plan
  • Ensure project stakeholders always get documented informed consent from beneficiaries and other project stakeholders engaged during KMC initiatives.
  • Support the MIHR DRC team to save project documentation on the project’s online SharePoint and manage that online platform
  • Ensure all MIHR-supported structures (including those managed by sub-grantees) have branding and markings compliance with Corus as well as donor requirements.
  • Support the MIHR to ensure appropriate project visibility and branding at meetings and other activities organized with MIHR’s support
  • Lead the process of branding all relevant tools produced with donor funding

Expected Qualifications and Experience.

  • At least a Bachelors’s in health or a relevant social science; In addition to this, professional training in communication or knowledge management will be a plus.
  • At least 2 years in a similar position (KMC Specialist) with a health project or initiative, is preferred.
  • Experience supporting programs in the DRC or a similar fragile setting is required. Mastery of Swahili is preferred.
  • Knowledge or past experience with the MOMENTUM suite of Awards is a plus.
  • At least 2 years of experience conducting KMC with maternal, neonatal, child health, or sexual and reproductive health programs, is preferred.
  • Strong writing skills in English and French required.
  • Mastery of the humanitarian principles required as well as good at taking/making quality and catchy pictures and short videos
  • Experience developing success stories, blogs, technical briefs, One-pagers, conference posters, pull-up banners, and other KMC tools, is required.
  • Someone with an eye for detail as well as one who is good at presenting information in a concise manner is preferred.
  • Experience supporting projects funded by institutional donors (especially US government donors like USAID) is required.
  • Very strong skills in presenting and communicating data and information using MICROSOFT Office tools (Word, Publisher, Powerpoint, and Excel)
  • Very good mastery of tools and software used to present information or data in appealing ways for example PowerBI.