Head of Monitoring & Evaluation at Business Professionals Network (BPN)

Kigali, Rwanda


Are you a seasoned professional in the field of Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E), eager to make a profound impact on the success of budding enterprises? We are thrilled to invite you to apply for the position of Head of M&E at BPN Rwanda.

BPN stands for Business Professionals Network. It is a Swiss non-profit organization that strives to support the development of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), in order to create jobs and fight poverty. BPN provides Coaching, Capacity building as well as networking opportunities to SMEs so they can grow their businesses sustainably.

  1. Job overview:

The purpose of this position is to lead all M & E activities at BPN Rwanda. The position provides high level technical oversight to M & E staff that is a part of BPN Team and directly supports the Country director in M&E matters.

  1. Key responsibilities:
    1. Development and Implementation of the M&E Strategy (30%):
  • Develop and implement a strong monitoring, evaluation, and reporting systems (MER) that include appropriate outputs, baseline data, and target indicators and impact measurements.
  • Lead the design, development, planning, and implementation of project M&E technical strategies, including the development of each project’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (MER) Plan.
  • Lead the design and implementation of each project’s research activities, including operations re- search, performance evaluations, impact evaluations, project documentations and rapid/special studies.
  • Oversee compatibility and coordination of the M&E framework, and consistency with national and donor requirements/ guideline s/ policies.
  • Oversee the collection of relevant data related to the services provided to entrepreneurs. This includes tracking business growth, revenue, customer feedback, and other relevant metrics. Analyze this data to identify trends, patterns, and areas for improvement.
  • Meet and communicate regularly with the project staff to discuss the status of ongoing M&E work and provide briefings on new developments, coaching and technical support.
  • Evaluate the impact of the business development services on the entrepreneurs’ businesses. Assess how the services have contributed to their growth, profitability, and overall success.
  • Provide direct technical assistance in M&E as required, including the design and implementation of assessments and evaluations.
  • Based on the M&E findings, provide recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the business development services. Work with the relevant teams to implement changes and monitor their impact.
  • Collaborate with research partners for shared knowledge building and joint publications
  • Approve the scope of work and costs from M&E systems service providers.
  • Ensure data gathering and analysis for all programs and evidence-based storytelling
  • Collaborate with internal teams, external partners, and clients to gather feedback and insights about the services. Engage with stakeholders to understand their needs and align M&E efforts accordingly.
  • Actively collaborate in proposals writing in regard to M&E.
  • Promote a culture of learning within the organization by sharing M&E findings and best practices with relevant teams. Encourage the application of lessons learned to improve future service offerings.

    1. Ecosystem Research  (15%):
  • Manage and support research and evaluation service providers in developing the research proposals and budgetary planning.
  • Initiate and do (strategic) research and assessment on the BDS-market and ecosystem (with the purpose to inform program design, advocacy, and positioning of BPN)
  • Conduct and develop good research reports on entrepreneurship in Rwanda and the way to support its development.
  • Initiate research and assessment on market and ecosystem – to inform program design, advocacy and positioning of BPN
  • Collaborate with research partners to publish insights and trends
  • Publish insights and trends internally and externally
    1. People management (20%):
  • Lead and mentor the M&E team, providing guidance, support, and fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Prepare and offer capacity building that will enhance the team ‘skills and growth
  • Conduct performance evaluations for the team
  • Be an active member of BPN Rwanda’s Management:
      • Be exemplary to the rest of the team
      • Carry an entrepreneurial attitude on BPN Rwanda’s targets and activities: Keep a helicopter view, challenge, suggest, and act where ever necessary in order to actively contribute to the success of BPN Rwanda as a whole.

    • 4. Compliance and risk management (20%):
  • Oversee and direct the design and development of quality management system for the M&E unit.
  • Manage the project risk, through continuous internal and external monitoring of business impact, as well as changes in stakeholder needs.
  • Direct and maintain the highest ethical standards in research, monitoring and evaluation, including compliance with all statutory requirements.
  • Collaborate with various teams to identify areas for improvement and implement quality assurance measures.
  • Develop and review risk plan for the M&E unit.
    1. Data analysis, reporting and others (15%):
  • Produce reports on M&E findings and prepare presentations based on M&E data as required.
  • Provide the Management with required management information.
  • Stay updated with the latest trends and developments in business development services and M&E practices. Continuously innovate and improve the M&E framework to stay relevant and effective
  • Perform other related tasks as assigned by the supervisor.
  1. Skills, Qualifications and Experience


  • Bachelor’s degree in statistics, demographics, economics, international relations, statistics, or any other related field


  • At least 7 years of experience in research and/or M&E.
  • Experience in program management i.e. program conceptualization, work planning, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting (MER); financial management and understanding and tracking of budgets;
  • Experience in a donor funded environment would be advantageous.

Attitude and values

At BPN we expect every employee to proactively practice, nurture and strengthen the following key aspects of his or her working attitude:

  • Have a learning attitude and be the driver of your own development process
  • Be an active listener
  • Be an entrepreneur centric
  • Strive to perform and deliver beyond strict job content with a high ownership

Key competencies:

  • Knowledge of different evaluation methodologies, including quantitative and qualitative research techniques
  • Familiarity with impact evaluation frameworks like the Theory of Change, Results Frameworks, and Logic Models.
  • High understanding of the challenges and dynamics of entrepreneurship and business development services
  • Strong analytical skills and high data-driven decision-making skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English, Kinyarwanda and French would be an added advantage.
  • Excellent report writing and presentation skills.
  • A team player with good interpersonal skills.
  • Sound problem solving and decision-making skills;
  • Demonstrate solid work ethics
  • Good leadership and management skills
  • Good project management skills

Application process:

Please note that due to high demand; only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.