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Consultancy Opportunity: Review of HR Policy and Procedure Manual

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The Job- We are looking for HR Policy and Legal Compliance Experts

Are you an experienced consultant or organization specializing in HR policy and legal compliance? We are actively seeking professionals like you to provide consultancy services for the review and update of our HR Policy and Procedure Manual.

Project Scope:

1. Study Existing Manuals and:
i. Evaluate compliance with the most recent acts of parliament, including but not limited to:
•Employment legislation
•Industrial relations, including union matters
•Health and safety regulations
ii. Identify constitutional requirements and their indirect impact on employment and
employee rights.
2. Study Key Rulings by Courts in South Africa:
•Research and analyze significant court rulings that have set precedents on matters of
employment, industrial relations, health and safety, and related areas.
3. Update the Manuals:
•Incorporate the latest laws and court decisions into our HR Policy and Procedure Manual, ensuring comprehensive compliance and adherence to best practices.


•Proven track record in HR policy and legal compliance consultancy.
•In-depth knowledge of South African labor laws and regulations.
•Strong research and analytical skills to identify and interpret relevant court rulings.
•Excellent communication and report-writing abilities.

If you are interested in this consultancy opportunity, please submit the following information:

1. Brief overview of your organization, including relevant experience.
2. Proposed approach and methodology for conducting the review.
3. Timeline for completion of the project, including key milestones.
4. Quotation for your services, including any applicable taxes.
5. References from previous clients for similar projects.

Please submit your Application by 30th July 2023. If you have any questions or require further information, feel free to reach out to us.

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