Chief Executive Officer

Kampala, Uganda

The primary role of the job is day-to-day running of company business, leading employees to encourage maximum performance and dedication and actively coaching the senior and middle management teams. The job holder will closely work with the Directors and senior management team to implement the company’s short and mid-term strategic objectives.

  • Lead the senior management team in the development and implementation of the company’s strategy
  • Lead the executive and senior management team in developing and monitoring annual budgets
  • Establish plans and KPIs. Allocate resources, review progress, and make operational corrections as required
  • Implement growth strategies
  • Achieve strategic business orientation to sustain change and impart competitive advantage
  • Increase market share
  • Responsible for the overall profitability of the company.  Assess company performance and devise plans for improvement
  • Carry out business gap analysis and plug in gaps to compliment achievement of targets
  • Build professional, forward-looking, positive, pro-active teams
  • Write and submit reports to the board in all matters of importance
  • Develop most critical capabilities required to drive company strategies & growth for next 1 to 3 years
  • Adapt and utilize technology and IT to achieve higher efficiency, accuracy, prompt communication, online track & trace and better cost & revenue management
  • Achieve financial ratios in line with corporate budget
  • Identify external & internal risks and mitigate them
  • Strengthen SOPs and company-wide compliance
  • Develop action plan/s to achieve sales volumes
  • Monitor & evaluate individual sales person’s performance and overall sales dept’s performance against budget/target and take actions to ensure targets are achieved.
  • Ensure timely submission of tenders
  • Focus and generate business from Projects such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructure, Ministries, NGOs etc;
  • Deliver operational excellence by ensuring compliance with local and international certifications such as ISO, ICMI, etc and managing a fully integrated QMS
  • Ensure that the company is positioned at the forefront of QHSE practices and maintains the certifications and standards required to retain market position
  • Responsible for day-to-day management and operations
  • Providing technical support and oversight of clearing and forwarding and related operating policies and procedures.
  • Development of operational strategies by studying industry best practices, technological and financial opportunities and producing advisory reports
  • Ensure that operational expenditures of the Company are within the authorized budget of the Company Manage relationships with subcontractors / partners / suppliers / industry leaders (e.g. shipping lines, revenue authorities, etc


Knowledge and Experience

  •  A Bachelor’s Degree in business-related discipline; MSc / MBA is a plus
  •  A minimum of fifteen years’ relevant industry experience, five of which must be at Executive Management level
  • Experience in operations within the logistics industry in the East African region
  • Leadership skills to lead senior management and drive desired business growth through teamwork
  • Ability to visualize opportunities and convert them into business reality
  • Excellent planning and execution skills to implement strategies to meet/exceed the goals set by the board of directors
  • Excellent problem-solving skills and internal & external conflicts resolution skills
  • Ability to perform and achieve under adverse circumstances
  • Analytical and objective decision-making skills
  • Excellent communication skills
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