5 Job positions of Site Supervisors Under Contract at RUSIZI DISTRICT

Kigali, Rwanda

Job Description

• Daily deployment of casual workers (giving opportunity to women, men and young people) and attribution of daily tasks to casual laborers
• Provide technical guidance to site agronomists for whole process from land preparation, fertilizers application and planting
– Provide daily technical guidance to the site technicians
• Assist in organizing land owners into small groups (“Amatsinda”) in order to set up on-site extension system (Twigire extension system), to consolidate land and valorization of the developed command area within scheme (ensuring prepared land/ plots are well planted using green fertilizers and compost combined with precise application of synthetic fertilizer if needed), Ensure the performance of the technical team (site agronomists) deployed on the site and the performance of casual laborers.
• build up the technical capacities of agronomists, Block leaders on appropriate land preparations on contours, crops establishment and fertilizers application within various blocks
• Provide timely technical advice to site Coordinator and to the Project Field Staff
• Assist the Scheme Coordinator in the timely preparation of payroll, review and maintain incident reports, assure no gender-based discrimination is taking place and assure the security of deployed manpower, monitor the daily attendance of labor force, etc.
• To crosscheck, prepare and submit fortnight lists of manpower.
• Produce and submit daily and weekly reports to the Site Coordinator with a copy to the Project Field Staff.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture

    0 Year of relevant experience

  • Advanced diploma in Agriculture

    0 Year of relevant experience.